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Summer School

These courses are designed for any student entering grades 8-12 who is interested in retaking courses for credit recovery, grade improvement, or taking a course to advance his or her studies. All classes will be provided online through Plato with teacher support.  Students must complete an  online registration form with suggested courses recommended by their school counselor. 


    Registration window is open between May 30 and July 12, 2024

Orientation & Schedule

Upon registration, students and parents  will receive confirmation via email. Students please check your school email regarding class orientation to be scheduled by your teacher for June 17th.   Students may then begin their class. All coursework and exams must be completed by Friday, August 8th, 2024. (There will be NO extensions.)


$175 per Clarkston Community Schools course (½ credit).



**Be Advised**

If you are taking this class(es) for advancement to a higher level class in the fall; you should have already contacted your counselor, complete any building requirements (for example-Supplemental Summer Learning, waiver, etc.)

If you are taking this class for recovery or to make room in your schedule for electives (for example Band) you are fine.


In-District Registration (Open May 30 - July 12)

Out-of-District Registration (Open May 30 - July 12)

Course Offerings


Office Hours

June  & August Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 7:00-3:00pm                   248-623-8060  


July office hours: By Appointment only
Monday - Wednesday 8:00 am - 2:00pm 

Offices Closed July 1st - 5th


Helpful Tips

Some courses will require scheduled virtual meetings.

Students may enroll in two courses. Additional courses may be added upon completion of initial courses.

All final exams will be scheduled with the teacher.

Class needed that are not listed or if you are having trouble registering call 248-623-8060.

Be sure to use your student email for all contact!

Check with your counselor to ensure you are taking the correct classes.